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Spanakopita is a simple Spanish verb conjugator meant for students of Spanish at any level as a teaching tool, learning aid, or convenient quick reference. It started as a project in Computer Science class, and has grown into the project available today. As of now, Spanakopita should work on any system supported by python (Windows, Mac, Unix-based, etc.) and the GUI should work on any supported by wxPython (Windows, Mac, Unix-based).

(In case you were wondering, spanakopita is a Greek delicacy--spinach in filo dough--which is well worth trying. The program itself has nothing to do with Greek or spinach, but both the program and its namesake are invaluable, irresistable, and delicious.)

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New Windows release!
September 7, 2003:

Well, it took too long, but finally I have a Windows partition on my computer that I can make a windows distrobution on. It's very nice and simple, requiring no outside libraries, and it is compatible with XP (hopefully with win95/98 as well, but as of yet untested). Conveniently, it is just larger than will fit on a floppy, but at least it is a reasonable download. Perhaps in the future I will actually make an installer? It seems stupid to me, but it's par for the course in Windows... we'll see. Anyway, now you Windows users can enjoy Spanakopita, too.

Spanakopita released, website up and running!
June 28, 2003:

After months of sporatic work, Spanakopita is finally available to the world! Well, okay, so the program's been online for a week or so now and it's already had two releases, big deal! No one hears about it unless it has a webpage, and today, that page is here.

Version 2.6 has been available for almost a week now, and it has several new features and far better documentation. Give it a try, and keep an eye out for 3.0 which will not be far behind.

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Features in version 2.6

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Download stable version (2.6)

There are now two ways to get your very own copy of Spanakopita. If you are a Windows user, there's no longer any need to download any libraries, there is a pre-compiled package especially for you.

For users of any other operating system, you still need to download the source. This really isnt' a big deal, and if you are running Linux, you probably already have python installed anyway.

        Python  (*Required*)
        wxPython  (*Required for GUI*)
(Note for wxPython: Spanakopita does NOT make use of wxPython's sockets, OpenGL interface, html tools, etc. You should NOT worry about supporting these features)
        Spanakopita  (*Main Program*)

    Ready to go:
        Spanakopita  ( Windows Only )

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Alright, let's take a look at this baby!

The Spanakopita GUI using GTK in Linux:

It's easy to enter accented characters, and almost all verbs are automatically recognized.

If you find an irregular verb that I missed, it's easy to conjugate it correctly.

Conjugation is handled dynamically, meaning Spanakopita knows how to conjugate one verb as another.

And now, a little sample from the console:

The standard, default, table view:

Conjugation for recognized irregular verb, andar.

[Gerund and Past Part.]        [Present Indicative]       [Imperfect Indicative]
                               ando         andamos       andaba       andábamos
andando          andado        andas         andáis       andabas       andabais
                               anda           andan       andaba         andaban

[Future Indicative]           [   Conditional   ]          [Preterit Indicative]
andaré    andaremos           andaría  andaríamos          anduve      anduvimos
andarás    andaréis           andarías  andaríais          anduviste anduvisteis
andará      andarán           andaría    andarían          anduvo     anduvieron

[Present Subjunctive]                                    [Imperfect Subj. (-ra)]
ande          andemos                                    anduviera  anduviéramos
andes          andéis                                    anduvieras  anduvierais
ande            anden                                    anduviera    anduvieran

A more concise listing, using list view and abreviated tense names:

Conjugation for recognized irregular verb, tener.

GPP: teniendo, tenido
NI: tengo, tienes, tiene, tenemos, tenéis, tienen
II: tenía, tenías, tenía, teníamos, teníais, tenían
FI: tendré, tendrás, tendrá, tendremos, tendréis, tendrán
C: tendría, tendrías, tendría, tendríamos, tendríais, tendrían
PI: tuve, tuviste, tuvo, tuvimos, tuvisteis, tuvieron
NS: tenga, tengas, tenga, tengamos, tengáis, tengan
IS: tuviera, tuvieras, tuviera, tuviéramos, tuvierais, tuvieran
IS2: tuviese, tuvieses, tuviese, tuviésemos, tuvieseis, tuviesen
FS: tuviere, tuvieres, tuviere, tuviéremos, tuviereis, tuvieren

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Dreams for the Future

This is where I post plans for future releases of Spanakopita and where I ask for your help. If you see somethin on this list (especially something marked with an '*'!) that you consider yourself skilled in doing, experienced with, etc., please, feel free to let me know! Any help in the form of tips, suggestions, source code, documentation, etc. would be greatly appreciated, and, if I use it, I will make sure to give you full credit and add your name to this site. Also, feel free to suggest any features that would help you use my program better.

* Switch to Unicode characters
Right now, my program won't work in the Windows console and quite possibly in other systems simply because I use system-dependent characters. In some circumstances, accented characters will show up looking all wrong, and, although this is uncommon and not a BIG issue, it definitely needs to be fixed. Switching to Unicode is a big enough advancement that the release with this new feature will be Spanakopita 3.0.

* Release complied versions / smaller packages So far, Spanakopita has only been released in source form, which is its most flexible. However, in order to fully utilize Spanakopita, you must have both Python and wxPython installed on your system. This wouldn't be such a problem if those weren't both rather large libraries, too inconvenient to download for the average 56k modem. Also, it's a lot easier not to require these libraries, and I'd love to release packages that would cover these dependencies more directly, without including giant downloads. Hold tight, these are coming soon.

* Update documentation / installation to better suit other systems The current install instructions only represent a Linux install, and, although I have a convenient, easy-to-use install script, it is only for Unix-based systems. It should be easy enough to create similar install scripts for other systems, and to have instructions that would serve other operating systems, but I simply don't have the knowledge or haven't had the time to write them. I'll prepare a Windows version in the not-too-distant future, but for other systems, I'm clueless! If you have a system that should support Spanakopita but isn't adequately supported by my install, let me know, especially if you can help me make a version for you.

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As of now, Spanakopita, this website, all the documentation, etc. are all the work of:
Nathan Gaylinn (

Please, contact me if you find this program useful, if you have any questions or comments, if you have ideas for new features, if you have bug requests, if you would like to help, or anything else. Don't hesitate to let me hear from you!

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Spanakopita is freeware, released under the GPL (Glorious People's License--er, um--GNU General Public License).
It is entirely open source, free to the world; do not steal, sell, artificially-flavor, dye, spindle, or mutilate.
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